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Psychotherapy for Children, Individuals, Couples and Families

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John Park


I create a caring, safe emphatic environment. Together we look into the root of the issue to see how to transform your present day.  I create the space for change by assisting you in standing in your strength and power, to move forward in a new a direction.

Here are a just few of the modalities I utilize to assist in your transformation.

Gestalt Therapy - is a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Fritz Perls (1893–1970). It focuses on insight into the patients relations to the world, to aid in the resolution of past conflicts. This is utilizes the mind body connection. This technique focuses on gaining an awareness of emotions and behaviors of the client in the present moment that actually pertains to the past. Then we can process these emotions through what looks like role playing and release them, therefore resolving the past and moving forward in a new light.

Family Constellations - Family Constellations was formulated by Psychotherapist is Bert Hellinger in Germany. Constellations can be done on one or in a group setting. Family Constellations is a way to see into the hidden dynamics of families and how they affect our present day lives. Together we learn how old family patterns and entanglements carried across generations keeps us from reaching our true potential. We use what looks like role playing however it is not. This can be done in a group or in the office with figurines. Check the service page for more details.

Systemic family therapy - Family therapy seeks to address people not only on the individual level but also as people in relationships  dealing with the interactions of the group and their patterns and dynamics.  This theory looks at how each individual contributes to and interacts in the patterns at the present moment. Regardless of the origin of the issue and it does not matter if the clients consider it an individual or family issue, involving families in solutions benefits clients. This involvement of families is sometimes achieved by their participation in the therapy session.