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 FYI:  What happens when you use your health insurance for mental health? 

In order to get your sessions paid for by your insurance, I would be required to Diagnosis you with a mental health disorder from the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). In addition to that, they may require other personal information if they feel it is pertinent to your case in order to get your sessions approved by them. Sometimes they may want logs and notes of our sessions, treatment plans or even a copy of your entire record. This will then be a part of their systems that the insurance companies have of you, which they do intend to keep Confidential. They also decide certain number of session they will allow for, without ever even meeting you. Plus if required to meet with me more than once in a week they may require documentation as to why and may not pay for it, if they feel is was not necessary.  They change their requirements which could mean change in if they will pay.

Therefore at this time, I am self pay only. I do not participate with insurance companies, except I do take HSA (Health Savings Account) cards. My sessions are a clinical hour which is 45 minutes long. Therapy session for couples, Individuals, families and children:

$110.00 per session, sliding scale available if needed . (Also, as a part of the therapy session, I will do Constellations or Gestalt therapy  if warranted )

Reiki energy healing session: 

              30 min - $50.00

              45 min - $75.00

              60 min - $90.00

Group Constellations start at $40.00

check Workshop page for dates and complete details.

I accept cash and checks.