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Family Constellations Experience

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Jane Gatewood


Family Constellations was created by German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger. Through Family Constellations we learn how old family patterns and entanglements carried across generations keeps us from experiencing Love and connection fully in our lives. Many of us unconsciously take on destructive patterns of anxiety, depression, broken relationships, divorce, anger, guilt, loneliness, grief, drug abuse, alcoholism and even diseases as a way of being a part of our family tree. Constellations have the power to aid us in breaking these patterns and opening up our hearts to Love. It is a unique energetic approach to healing old wounds and has the potential to touch us on a very deep level, often leading to a transformation in our lives and the lives of those around us. One then has a stronger connection allowing Love to flow more freely. We unblock Love energy that flows through all of us and make deeper connections.  Here is a You tube clip with Stephan Hausner as the Facilitator.

During group Constellation we utilize the energy that is all around us. We have participants from the group represent family members and or other things that need representing surrounding the issue.  Anything can be represents including but not limited to cancer, money, depression, happiness, Love etc, whatever is pertinent the issue presented. This gives a much clearer picture of the family dynamics that contribute to the issue being presented. Then the skilled facilitator knows what steps to take to bring some healing to the family system.

There are three ways to participate in Family Constellations. One way is by just coming and being a part of the circle, which is rewarding. Another is to be chosen to represent another person's family members.  Finally, one can present an issue that they would like some kind of resolution to. It is your choice on how much you participate. 

Go to the Workshop page to register for the next Constellations Experience The first time you attend is FREE, please go to Contact page to let me know that you will attending.

Hear is an article about Family Constellations. Enjoy!  method-approach-therapy-or-something-else