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John Park


I am the therapist who will get under the surface to the root cause of any issue to let Healing flow more freely.  I will empower you!  With Compassion, we will join forces to process the most difficult of issues and move forward in a new brighter direction. Therefore you enjoy your life more every day! 

 In life, we all want and deserve to be Loved and valued.  We want to have Joy and connection to those all around us but all kinds of issues, anxieties, traumas and past losses,  get in the way of that connection. Let ’s gently work through the obstacles that prevent you from connecting with others, so you can feel  Happiness in the present moment.

 I  Respect and Compassion for you and where you are in life.  Life has bumps, hills and maybe even mountains. I am here to help you with all of it. You are not alone!

How do I do that you wonder?  I create an empathic, compassionate and caring environment in which to work.  I utilize  Family Constellations, Gestalt, Reiki energy work among other modalities. I incorporate your spirituality as well. I tap into your own strengths and resiliency,   resulting in you moving forward with more connection and love flowing, more brightness, joy and more aliveness in your everyday.

I myself have used Family Constellations, Gestalt and Reiki energy work in my own life and I continue to do so.   My family was struggling due to several issues including Autism, ADHD, anxiety, grief etc I had to do something, so I tried many things in hope that we could enjoy life and live with more compassion and Love for each other.  I fell upon a therapist who facilitated Family Constellations, Gestalt, and Reiki energy work. My life, as well as my families, has never been the same and still continues to be brighter.  So, I became a Marriage and Family therapist and in addition, trained in Family Constellations, Gestalt, Reiki energy work to assist you on your journey where ever it takes you.

I have a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Southern Connecticut State University. In addition to my degree, I am certified in Gestalt Therapy. Plus, I am a trained Family Constellations Therapy Facilitator. I also am an advanced Reiki practitioner. I have many tools in my toolbox to assist your process of healing your Connections.

These are just some of the specialties I have worked with:


Coping with Depression

Anxiety, Generalized (GAD) , Social Anxiety, Anxiety attacks

Child or Adolescent Issues

Parent-Child Interactions/Parenting

Family Conflict Solutions

Personal Growth

Self Esteem Building

PTSD /Trauma


Communication Skills



Anger Management 



Sexual Abuse

And more