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My First Blog Entry

February 13, 2018

The one-year anniversary of my mission trip to Guatemala is coming up in April. I have wanted to start a blog, so to share my experience on this journey feels like a glorious place to start. About 12 of us went on this trip. My husband and I operated as a part of the group.

We assisted in establishing dwellings for people who had less than desirable houses. Primarily, their homes were substantial pieces of metal like material that were leaned up against each other in the dirt. There was no running water, bathrooms or even toilets. A hole in the ground with two pieces of wood across it served the community with their bathroom. Families lived in a house the size of what we might think was an insufficient room for one person. Plus families do not mean the average American household of four. It means parents, grandparents, children, maybe aunts and uncles and cousin. Possibly the house next was other relatives at least it seemed like they were kinsmen. Everyone was connected in the community. Additionally, the neighbors’ house stood just a few feet away. The family that we were building the new home for were working alongside the volunteers. Plus the families had to earn the homes that we were building by reimbursing a portion of the cost. There were many children from the neighborhood accomplishing what they could to help even though it was not their family acquiring the house. The neighborhood cooked us lunch, which was delicious. There were mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins and then on Sunday all the men were home helping too.

So yes we assisted them and in return, we experienced such a beautiful gift of being a witness to their community. The profound sense of community Love and Connection I will remember forever. The energy that was present there was we are all in this together, the young, the old, the men, women, and children. There was such a strong work ethic present. Some of the volunteers were high school students that accomplish this regularly during their school breaks to promote their community. The Love and Connection filled my heart completely. I wondered then and still wonder today if they might be better off than I. After all, aren’t we are just looking for the basic need of Love and connection and they have it on a very deep level.

The Premise of my Philosophy as a Psychotherapist is that Love and connection Heals our pain and traumas, so to see and feel an entire community with my way of life as their backbone warmed my heart.  This trip I will never forget!